Its not surprising after seeing Manny and Stall go down with eye injuries, that Canadian's in general are in favour of making visors mandatory. But what is surprising is that no one seems to be in opposition to it.  

The Canadian Press reports: 
"Some 52 per cent strongly agreed with the new rule, which still needs to be approved by the NHL board of governors, while 28 per cent somewhat agreed. Only eight per cent disagreed with the change.
Avid NHL fans are strong supporters of mandatory visors with 90 per cent of those surveyed saying they agreed with the move." Click here to read entire article. 

If only 8 of 100 Canadian's are opposed to visors - does that mean only 8% want fighting to remain in hockey? I highly doubt it. 

But both scenarios are good news for FlipVisor. 

Good news for FlipVisor, everyone coming into the NHL will now be required to wear a visor. 

"The NHL's Competition Committee met Tuesday here. Among its recommendations was a proposal that would make visors mandatory for all players entering the League, starting in 2013-14.Under the proposal, someone who has played in the NHL will have the option of not wearing a visor.

Any changes must be approved by the League's Board of Governors.

Mathieu Schneider, the National Hockey League Players' Association special assistant to the executive director, said players were polled regarding making visors mandatory, and their response was a big reason for the change. Schneider would not release the results of the players' poll but said it was a significant majority.

"We feel very comfortable with where the players stand on this," Schneider said. "Today, we accomplished an awful lot and we were able to get consensus. It was the first time since we have been polling players that we had a clear majority that have wanted it grandfathered in."

Approximately 73 percent of NHL players wore visors this season." 

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